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About Me, Tal

Born in Israel, I have travelled extensively: living in New York, Kathmandu, Tel Aviv and since 2014, in Berlin. Although I studied and worked in Film and Art, I was always drawn to Yoga, Dance, Bodywork and Meditation Practices as a more organic method for connecting with people beyond culture. Through physical exploration, I cultivate healing for the self and others: removing the potential barrier of verbal language. As well as my experience with somatic coaching and bodywork, I have set up and managed Wellness Corners at multiple festivals. In addition to being a bodyworker also work at ROKPA international as a project assistant and photographer. 

Certified FluentBody facilitator, Yoga teacher, Thai Massage and medic. 

I offer sessions in the studio and workshops anywhere.

I am also a member of the dance collective Tanzen3000 and work as filmmaker and photographer. 

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"You are not helpless, if you help others."  -Akong Rinpoche

Get in touch

Tel: +49151 6860 1093

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