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What is Somatic Coaching

Our behavioral patterns are echoed in our physicality.

We can become aware of these patterns through the body and through the body we can also release them. 

I accompany my clients in their process and help them understand what their body already knows through touch and description. 

The energy that we use to maintain our patterns, defence mechanisms and unconscious actions can then be released and redirected to bring power to our choices with clarity. 

What happens in a session

My approach

I am a coach. This means I am here to support my clients with what they already know but maybe find hard to process. I use touch, description and guided exercises to help my clients go through the transformation they need with the aim:
Be more aligned with ones values.

Be more in tune with ones physical body.
Be more in connection with ones emotions and intuition.

Be more clear in your intentions and relationships. 

I do this, because I just went through this. I've been there, I am there, processing, learning and sharing.

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Niko-08-31 12.51.31.jpeg
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What happens
in a Session

First session takes about 90 minutes, later 60 minutes should be enough. We will start with an introduction and I will ask you questions. This will lead us to your theme, the subject you want to tackle. What and how are you dealing with challenges and emotional events in your life. 

Next we will use breathing exercises to bring attention to your body, find out what is happening, where and how your body is responding to these themes. This is awareness is already a tool you will be able to take with you and use at any time you need. 

Once we have established what we want to focus on and where it manifests in your body I will invite you to the table. On the table you are free to respond to impulses, do anything that you feel the urge to do as long as you're not hurting yourself, me or any objects. If that kind of impulse comes up, I will offer alternatives for you. 

Here we can go deeper into processing emotions, thoughts, memories, good and bad, rewire and rearrange. I will offer you support through touch and description in order for you to raise your awareness and your energy. This part can look like different things, at times a relaxing massage, it can also look like exorcism or like a workout or sometimes a dance party. There is no way to predict this but my job is to keep a safe space for you as it is happening.


Eventually I will let you rest alone in the room, when I come back we can have another chat, this can help close the experience and prepare you to transition into the rest of your day. It is recommend if possible, to keep the next few hours free from social or work commitments. To give yourself time to process, rest and integrate.

My approach


"I can't express it enough how meaningful the experience was for me.
I learned about connection, boundaries, consent and more importantly I learned a bit more about myself. I practiced how to listen to my gut and follow the magnetic pull.
Happy that I did :) Tal created such a space that made it OK for me to feel and express fear. I thank him for that."

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